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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs of Study

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts degree in Florida consists of 60 credit hours in  two main parts:  the general education core, and bachelor’s degree program prerequisites. The 36-credit hour general education core is outlined by the Florida Department of Education, and consists of the following five areas of concentration: communication, mathematics, social  science, humanities, and natural  sciences. The  remaining 24 credit hours constitute program prerequisites, which should be chosen by  the student based on  the entrance requirements of  the Edison State bachelor’s degree program, or other college or university bachelor’s degree program, to which the student will transfer.

Associate in Science

 Requirements for the Associate in Science Degree

  1. Earn  the  required  semester  hours  for  the  degree with a cumulative 2.00 GPA.
  2. Complete  all  non-course  requirements,  if applicable.
  3. Successfully  complete 25% of  the  required degree course work at Edison State College.
  4. Fulfill all obligations to Edison State.
  5. Meet all deadlines pertaining to graduation.
  6. Earn  a  grade  of  “C”  or  higher  in  English composition  and mathematics  courses  required  for the degree.

General Education Requirement in all Associate in Science Degree Programs:

The  Florida  Department  of  Education  requires completion of a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours in  the general education core curriculum  in  the  subject areas  of  communication, mathematics,  social  sciences, humanities,  and natural  sciences, which  also meets  the  criteria  of  the  Southern  Association  of  Colleges  and Schools  Commission  on  Colleges.  English  and  math courses  must  meet  the  requirements  adopted  by  the State  Board  of  Education  in  Rule  6A,  FAC  and  the Board of Governors. No physical  education  credit will be  included  in  the  general  education  block  of  credit. Additionally, Administrative Rule 6A indicates students must  earn  a  grade  of  C  or  better  in  English  and mathematics.

Limited Admissions AS Degree Programs

The  Associate  of  Science  Degree  programs  in Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Respiratory Care, Radiologic Technology,  Cardiovascular  Technology,  Opticianry,
Physical  Therapy  Assistant,  and  Emergency  Medical Services  Technology  are  selective  admissions programs.  Admission  to  the  College  does  not
automatically  admit  a  student  to  these  programs  of study.  Application  should  be  made  to  the  College  as well  as  application  for  admission  to  the  program  of study.   Such applications  for admission  to  the program of  study  are  available  by  calling  (239)  489-9255. Application  information  for  the  Emergency  Medical Services  Technology  program  is  available  by  calling (239) 489-9392.

Division of Professional and Technical Studies Course Clusters

What are the course clusters?

A  record of completion  (certificate) will be  issued for various course clusters, and signifies that the student has  satisfactorily  completed  a  series  of  courses  that develop  specified  skills.  The  certificate  provides employers with  documentation  for  employment  or  for professional  development.  Information  on  course requirements  is available  in  the Division Office and  in the  Advising  Office.    These  clusters  are  specifically designed  to  upgrade  job  skills  and  provide  college coursework  for  those  not  ready  to  commit  to  a  full degree program.

Courses  in  most  clusters  are  the  same  courses required for the particular associate degree or Technical Certificate  of  Credit  and  apply  toward  the  degree  or technical certificate unless otherwise indicated.

Note:  Only  students  who  declare  a  major  as specified  in  the  Edison  State  catalog  are  eligible  to receive federal financial aid. Students who are pursuing a course cluster and are not degree-seeking students are typically not eligible for this assistance.


Specific requirements for each certificate program of study must be followed. In addition, students must accomplish the following requirements:

Requirements for completion of a certificate program:

  1. Earn the minimum required semester hours for the certificate with a cumulative 2.00 GPA.
  2. Complete  all  non-course  requirements,  if applicable.
  3. Successfully complete a minimum of 25% of  the required  certificate  course  work  at  Edison  State College.
  4. Fulfill all obligations to Edison State.
  5. Meet all deadlines pertaining to graduation.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing