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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mission Statement

Edison State College


Edison State College will excel as a globally-focused, innovative and open-door regional college providing quality, affordable undergraduate education in a caring environment.


  • Integrity: Exemplified by institutional ethics and individual responsibility
  • Respect: Characterized by support for individual goals in an environment that fosters open communication and mutual respect
  • Belief in Individual Human Potential: Resulting in collegiality, recognition and personal success


Edison State College is a multi-campus, baccalaureate-degree granting public institution dedicated to educational excellence. Edison State’s programs are responsive to its many communities and accessible through a variety of delivery methods. Within a supportive learning environment, faculty and staff are committed to preparing students to be productive citizens by helping them develop academic and professional proficiencies; to think logically, critically, and analytically; to communicate effectively; to seek and evaluate information; and to act with sound judgment in the interest of our global community.

In support of this mission, Edison State College is committed to fostering a climate of continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness as it provides:

  • Liberal arts and pre-professional education through the Associate in Arts degree
  • Professional and technical education through the Associate in Science degree and college certificates
  • Baccalaureate degrees in selected majors as authorized by the State Board of Education
  • Access to additional baccalaureate degrees through upper-division transfer, articulation, and the Edison State University Center
  • Qualified faculty and staff committed to the educational goals of the learner
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Services and opportunities promoting academic, personal, and social growth among students
  • Accessibility to programs through learning assistance, academic advising, flexible scheduling, and distance education
  • Educational partnerships with business, industry, government, and other institutions
  • Cultural resources, events and facilities for the community

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Provide quality programs and services
  Edison State College will cultivate an academic climate that is challenging, engaging, and personal in order to position its graduates for transfer success, rewarding careers and as global citizens
Priority 2: Build capacity for learning and renewal
  To support its educational mission and commitment to community, Edison State College will ensure a strong student body, outstanding faculty and staff, and stimulating environment for living and learning
Priority 3: Create and sustain partnerships
  To attract additional students, donors, and supporters, Edison State College will engage in partnerships, communications and outreach initiatives creating greater awareness of its quality education and cultural opportunities
Priority 4: Ensure continuous improvement
  To assure outstanding, effective and efficient services, Edison State College will foster a climate of continuous improvement