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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online A.A

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Edison State Online students enrolled at Edison State College have the ability to complete their Associate of Arts degree online, through Edison State Online. Classes have been developed in every core requirement area of the degree program. Students will be able to apply online, register for classes online, and use an interactive chat system to speak with student services and financial aid. For more information please visit:

Edison State Online courses at Edison State College are credit courses which are academically equivalent to on-campus courses. Edison State Online course allow students the opportunity to complete most of their coursework outside the classroom, and although this allows for greater freedom of scheduling, it can require more self-discipline than on-campus courses.

Online Courses: These courses are offered through the Internet and require that students have access to a computer and to the World Wide Web. Course information and assignments are accessed through the browser. Online courses include a textbook, on-campus sessions for orientation, discussion, labs and examinations. Online courses may provide the opportunity for interaction between you, the instructor and your classmates through the course Chatroom, Bulletin Board or email.

Blended Learning Courses: In this type of course, several modes of instructional delivery may be used. For example, a course may be delivered to the student through a combination of videotaped, online, interactive video, multimedia or print-based material. On-campus sessions will be required for orientation, discussion, labs and/or examinations. These courses may also require access to the Internet and include a textbook and other materials purchased from the bookstore.

Registering for Edison State Online or Blended Courses: This is how you know whether a course is considered to be blended or online: An Edison State Online class will have a campus code of EOL and the section number has a seven as the middle number. A student might need to come to campus for a proctored exam or an orientation, but the course will be taught completely online. For example, AMH 2010, Section 171 is an American History course that is being taught online. However, if the section number has an eight as the middle number, it is being taught as a blended course. For example, AMH 2010, Section 181 is an American History course that is being taught as a blended course. That means that the course can be taught up to 50% online, but it also meets sometimes in a classroom on campus. Professors each have their own timeframe for in-class meetings. It is always a good idea to contact your professor to see when the class is meeting.

Interactive Video Physical Therapist Assistant Program

A Physical Therapist Assistant Program is offered in partnership with Broward College. This program utilizes interactive video classes to be offered simultaneously between Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale. This is a limited access program with the degree awarded by Broward College. Admission information is available by calling the Edison State College Health Technologies Office at (239)-489-9255.

Online Opticianry Program

A program of study leading to Certificates in Opthalmic Laboratory Technology (24 credits) and Eye Care Technology (48 credits) as well as the AS Degree in Opticianry is offered in partnership with Hillsborough Community College. Courses in this program are offered both online and in the classroom. This is a limited access program with the degree awarded by Hillsborough Community College. Admission information is available by calling the Edison State College Health Technologies Office at (239)-489-9255.

Courses Available Online Towards The Associate in Arts Degree

Writing Intensive Courses:

 The following courses satisfy the writing intensive requirement of 4,000 words each.



Mathematics: 6 Credits

(These mathematics courses are used to satisfy the AA mathematics requirement and a grade of “C” or better is required to move to the next level. Pursuant with Rule 6A- 10.030 (Gordon Rule) the students must successfully complete six (6) semester hours of mathematics coursework.) 

General Education Math Requirements

Associate in Arts Degree Program

Computing Skillls

  • All degree seeking students must demonstrate their competence in the basic use of computers by completing   with a grade of “C” or better.


All degree seeking students need to satisfy the requirement of the CLAST

Foreign Language

Students seeking admission to the Florida State University System should have completed two years of foreign language at the high school level or two courses (eight credit hours) at the college level. Foreign language is a State University System Baccalaureate graduation requirement. 

Health and Wellness and Physical Education Credits

Students may elect to take up to six hours of health and wellness courses as elective credit toward graduation. Students are cautioned that such credits will transfer to Florida Universities only to the degree that the individual university will accept them. 

International Diversity Courses

Florida State Universities may require students to take courses that have an international or diversity focus. These courses are designated with an “I” after the course description.

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