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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Scholar Program

Edison State College offers qualified students with high ability and motivation an enriched, challenging program of study through the Honors Scholar Program (HSP). Participation in this superior educational experience provides for intellectual and social development, builds character, and promotes enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Honors courses are not intended to be appreciably more work than traditional classes, but instead offer innovative approaches to learning that focus on the individual student. Honors classes may, depending on the course, involve problem solving, student projects, or a student seminar approach to learning. Synergy results when the best and brightest are assembled together to inspire each other to think in unique, novel ways. Faculty are selected for their expertise and interest in helping students.

Benefits of the Program

  • Active discussions
  • Small class sizes
  • Independent and critical thinking
  • Field trips
  • Independent research or creative project option

Edison State Honors Scholars are desirable recruits to other institutions of higher learning and often receive special attention for scholarships and awards. Completion of the Honors Scholar Program is recorded on the students’ transcripts.

Requirements for Admission

Students must be AA or AS degree seeking and are required to write an essay and complete an application. The applicant must meet at least two (2) of the following criteria, one from Column A and one from Column B, to qualify for the program.

Column A

Column B

  1. Minimum ACT of 25 or, minimum SAT of 1100 or minimum FCELPT of 100 on each subtest.
  2. Minimum of 12 semester hours of college credit with GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  1. Two written teacher recommendations from high school or college.
  2. Completion of two college honors courses with an “A” or a “B” in both classes.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 12 credit hours of Honors classes (earning at least a grade of “B” in each course) will complete the academic requirements to graduate from the Honors Scholar Program. These classes must be chosen from at least two of three academic areas: basic sciences/math, social sciences, or humanities/communications. One of these classes can be the Honors Research Study (3 credits). Additional requirements not summarized here also apply.

Honors Scholarships

Edison State College is eager to assist the highly motivated and achieving students who participate in the Honors Scholar Program. Based on availability, up to $1,000 performance‑based scholarships are awarded in the Fall to full-time students who will graduate from the program. These scholarships are renewable each semester if certain criteria are met.

How to Apply

The Honors Scholar Program (HSP) Coordinator should receive completed applications prior to the term in which the student wishes to begin participation in the program. For further information or an application form, call the HSP Coordinator at (239) 489-9213.

Honors Scholar Thesis Project

Honors Scholar Thesis Project courses are designed to allow a student to pursue topics within a specific discipline or program under the guidance of a qualified professor. The experience provides an opportunity for the student to explore in depth an area of particular interest. An Honors Scholar Thesis Project course may not duplicate any existing course in the Catalog. The course is designed by a professor to fit the needs of an individual student.

The course syllabus must be designed by the Professor, with input as to areas of interest from the student. It must represent college-level work and be sufficiently complex and demanding to warrant the credits awarded.

To begin the Honors Scholar Thesis Project registration process, students must complete the Undergraduate Research Application. This Application is available online at the Honors Scholar Program website at www.edison.edu/academics/honors/. Once this form is properly documented, submitted, and approved by the Honors Scholar Program Coordinator, the student may register for the course.

The regular college grading system applies to Honors Scholar Thesis Project students. Honors Scholar Thesis Project classes may not be taken to satisfy general education requirements.