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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration and Management, AS

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The Associate in Science (AS) in Business Administration and Management program offers a sequence of courses that presents coherent and rigorous content needed to prepare for further education and for careers in entry level supervisory positions in a variety of organizations. In addition to general education coursework, the content is comprised of a broad-based business curriculum with emphasis on selected theories of management and decision making and the knowledge and understanding necessary for managing people and functions.

Program Structure

This program is a planned sequence of instruction consisting of 60 credit hours in the following areas: 18 credit hours of General Education Requirements, 37 credit hours of Business Administration and Management Core Requirements, and 5 credit hours of Approved Electives. The Small Business Management Certificate is a 24 credit hour certificate that prepares students for entry into employment and is comprised of core courses in the AS Business Administration degree. The Business Development and Entrepreneurship Certificate is a 25 credit hour certificate that prepares students for starting and /or managing an entrepreneurial concern and is comprised of 18 credit hours of Business Administration and Management Core Requirements and 7 credit hours of specific Entrepreneurship coursework. As such, either or both certificates can be earned before the student has earned the AS Business Administration and Management degree.

Course Prerequisites

Many courses require prerequisites. Check the description of each course in the list below to check for prerequisites, minimum grade requirements, and other restrictions related to the course. Students must complete all prerequisites for a course prior to registering for it.


Students must fulfill all requirements of their program major in order to be eligible for graduation. Students must indicate their intention to attend commencement ceremony, by completing the Commencement Form by the published deadline.

General Education Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

Business Administration and Management, AS Degree Elective Requirements: 5 Credit Hours

Electives may be taken from the following 1000 and 2000 level courses:


For students who are transferring to a state university, it is recommended that the following electives be selected: MAC 2233  or STA 2023 .

Total Degree Requirements: 60 Credit Hours

Information is available online at: www.fsw.edu/academics or on the School of Business and Technology Home Page at: www.fsw.edu/sobt

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