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2021-2022 FSW Catalog 
2021-2022 FSW Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HUM 2930 - Studies in Humanities: Great Human Questions - (I)

3 credits
Prerequisites: SB 1720 Testing Exemption or Testing into ENC 1101 ; or completion of {(ENC 0025 and REA 0017) or (ENC 0022  and REA 0019 )} with a “C” or better; or EAP 1620  and EAP 1640  with a “C” or better; or an eligible testing/course completion combination
Recommended: Students complete at least one composition course before enrolling in this course.
This course examines selected problems or issues from multiple perspectives in the Arts, Humanities, and/or Sciences. Selected topics may range from addressing the great questions of human experience - such as good and evil, religion, the meaning of life, and the place of human beings in the universe - to contemporary issues - such as climate change, sustainability, cultural pluralism, the use of technology, and terrorism. This course will be taught by at least two faculty members including at least one faculty credentialed to teach Humanities.

This writing-intensive course requires a minimum of 4,000 words across multiple college-level, faculty-evaluated written assignments.  If completed with a “C” or better, this course will be counted toward partial fulfillment of the Writing Intensive course requirements.

(I) International or Diversity Focus

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