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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Student Affairs

In support of the academic mission of the college, the Division of Student Affairs provides services and programs to help students perform academically to the best of their abilities.

From living-learning communities to peer advising and student leadership positions, our programs provide innovative and engaging opportunities on campus. We hope to see you developing friendships and becoming an active member of a Registered Student Organization  which  will enhance your FSW experience.

Our outstanding and dedicated staff members across three campuses and one center are here to support you on your journey from admissions to graduation.  For more information, please visit

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an integral part of a student’s success at Florida SouthWestern State College. Once eligible to enroll, students are assigned a Student Success Advisor based on their declared degree program. The mission of the Office of Academic Advising is to provide students with information, guidance, and support as they develop their educational goals. Our commitment is to help students develop and understand the benefit of a program map, to think logically and analytically, to communicate effectively, to seek and evaluate information, and to act with sound judgment to reach goals in a timely manner. Prior to enrollment in the first term, degree-seeking students meet with a Student Success Advisor as part of the enrollment process.

As a result of participation in Academic Advising, students will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Locate information about College policies and procedures regarding registration and academic standing.
  2. Be familiar with the FSW Portal account and be able to use the Portal features.
  3. Access and run an online degree audit and develop a comprehensive academic plan for achievement of educational goals including a timeline for graduation.
  4. Know where and how to access appropriate resources and support services to accommodate their unique needs.

Academic Advising is available by appointment, on a walk-in basis, via email, on Zoom, and over the phone. Students are encouraged to meet with their Student Success Advisor early in the semester to review educational goals, plans, and options each term. For information about Advising services and instructions to meet with an Advisor, please visit:

Adaptive Services

At Florida SouthWestern State College, the goal of the Office of Adaptive Services (OAS) is to assist students in achieving educational success by providing services that empower students while working within the limitations of documented disabilities. FSW proudly accepts our legal obligation with the Americans with Disability Act and is pleased to share the responsibility in providing equal access and equal opportunity to college sponsored activities and educational programs.  If you have a documented disability - permanent or temporary, whether physical, mental or sensory - you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations.

Once a student completes the self-identification process, it is the mission of OAS to focus on the abilities of each individual while empowering the student with the tools necessary to become self-assured and effective learners, strong problem solvers and successful members of our academic community. OAS, along with the Equity Officer, is responsible for coordinating college-wide compliance to equal access, equal opportunity for students who may need assistance.  Be empowered today…self-identify!

For more information, or to begin the self-identification process, please contact us or visit our website at

CARE Services

Florida SouthWestern State College is focused on educating and informing the community through caring, advocacy and supportive endeavors. Florida SouthWestern State College cares about our students’ holistic development and wellness. We believe that for all students to be successful support must be given on an emotional, social, physical and intellectual basis.

CARE Services offers resources support for all students through challenges they may face during their educational journey at FSW. We recognize that it can often be overwhelming for students to navigate all of the resources available to them. CARE Services assist in empowering all students while proactively connecting students with campus resources and community partners for a successful academic, social, and emotional experience.

CARE Services also provides 24/7- 365 mental health access for students through our Mental Health Care website at

For more information, please visit our website at

Campus Recreation and Wellness

Fitness Center

Campus Recreation and Wellness manages fitness centers on the Lee (3600 sq. ft.) and Collier (1400 sq. ft.) campuses. The Fitness Centers house Cardio, Machine Weight, and Free Weight and provide Group Fitness classes. The Fitness facilities provide a healthy, progressive, and safe environment.  Additionally, there are programs such as Weekly Wellness Walks and Outdoor Pursuits programs which facilitate eco-excursions and give students an opportunity to interact with, and learn about, nature. Campus Recreation and Wellness values integrity, a sense of community, wellness, excellence, and experiential learning.  For more information, please visit our website at

New Student Welcome and Orientation

New Student Welcome and Orientation is required for all first-time in college students. First-time in college students include incoming freshmen and any graduating high school seniors with previous dual enrollment credit from FSW.  New Student Welcome and Orientation prepares students for the transition into college life and introduces the programs and services available through Florida SouthWestern State College. New Student Welcome and Orientation sessions are facilitated in a virtual and in person environments, and virtual options  are available to incoming students once they are accepted into FSW. Though not required, Transfer  students can still participate in New Student Welcome and Orientation sessions as we believe that the program connects all students to the support and resources they need to be successful at FSW.

For more information, please visit Bucs Corner at 


The mission of the Student Ombudsperson is to provide to all students an accessible, independent, impartial, and confidential resource for the expeditious resolution of problems. The Ombudsperson serves in the capacity as an advocate for fairness of outcomes. In seeking to prevent problems as well as to respond to them, the Ombudsperson acts as an agent of change by continuously evaluating established processes and procedures intended to address issues pertaining to student satisfaction, programs, and services. Please visit for contact information.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life

Florida SouthWestern State College welcomes students to reside on campus in our 400-bed residence hall, LightHouse Commons. LightHouse Commons provides suite style living that features a private bedroom, kitchenette and living area.  Access to resident amenities (such as free Wi-fi, Recreation Room, Basketball/Volleyball Court and Pool) is also included

The mission of the Office of Housing and Residence Life is to create a supportive, safe, and engaging residential community which fosters students’ personal development and academic success. The Office of Housing and Residence Life program aims to provide students a caring community that is both intellectually and socially enriching, with an emphasis on student self-governance and a corresponding expectation of student accountability.  The goals of our living-learning community are:

  1. Service: We will strive to exceed the expectations of our students, colleagues, and community.
  2. Leadership: We will aid in the development of future leaders within our campus and community.
  3. Collaboration: We will work to develop rich, meaningful relationships with campus and community partners.
  4. Engagement: We will challenge our students to be engaged in all aspects of college life.
  5. Diversity: We will recognize, celebrate, and embrace the differences that exist within our community.

For more information, please visit our Housing and Residence Life Homepage at

Student Email

Florida SouthWestern State College has designated email as the official method of communication with students regarding topics of an academic or administrative nature. The College will assign an email account to each student and expects students to be responsible for all information sent to them via their College email account.

Student Engagement and Campus Activities

Student Engagement, which features Student Involvement, Student Leadership, and Student Transitions departments, sponsors a variety of academic, cultural, social, and developmental co-curricular activities and events at Florida SouthWestern State College.. Involvement opportunities include the Leadership Academy, FSW Serves, FSW Anchors, Campus Activities Board, as well as any of our over 50 Registered Student Organizations.  To find more information visit Bucs Corner at (  Students can also connect with us on social media by liking the FSW Student Engagement page on Facebook or following us on Instagram (@fswstudents).

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents student voices at Florida SouthWestern State College. There is a college-wide SGA and a Campus Congress at each FSW location.  The Student Government Association’s purpose is:

  1. To provide a means whereby members of the student body may advocate and express themselves.
  2. To serve as ambassadors for the college through exemplary participation in the Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA).
  3. To promote campus and civic engagement at Florida SouthWestern State College.


The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the FSW student body with elected Senators and the executive board (PanSGA).  SGA  promotes the general welfare of the student body. All  students are invited to participate in SGA.. The Student Government Association’s  (SGA) purpose is to support, communicate, and reflect the consensus of the FSW student body.  

Student Identification

The BUC Card (Student ID) is available to all students. Students should carry their BUC Cards with them at all times. The BUC Card is required at the library and in various academic computer laboratories. The BUC Card serves as a valid photo ID for all College departments and is used when selling textbooks back to the Bookstore. The BUC card is required for admission to all Office of Student Engagement programs as well as any athletic events hosted by FSW. The BUC Card is required to access the Fitness Center and Campus Recreation activities. The BUC Card is also the preferred payment method for all WEPA printing stations. Please keep in mind, the BUC Card will be required for any Bookstore purchases with excess financial aid funds. The BUC Card may be used by students to receive discounts in area theaters and businesses.  Students can also obtain a BUC Card using the Online Photo Submission tool by submitting a request for a secure thread to and the BUC Card will be mailed to the student.

Registered Student Organizations

Organizations  at Florida SouthWestern State College provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in the college community.  For additional information for Registered Student Organizations you can visit Bucs Corner at or contact us at

Organizing a Registered Student Organization 

Students are encouraged to join or create Registered Student Organizations at FSW. College procedure for organizing a campus organization  is as follows:

  1. Secure a Petition for Organization from a staff of Student Involvement in Student Engagement  on your campus, or via the “FORMS” section of Bucs Corner.
  2. Submit the completed Petition.  The Petition should include a list of prospective members, a constitution and by-laws, the name and contact information for the faculty/staff Advisor, and any other information that may be relevant according to the College Catalog.
  3. Following approval, a staff member will inform the new student organization of its status and offer support as the organization develops.  The staff member will assist the Registered Student Organization in training, leadership opportunities, and social media information.

Student Participation in Decision Making

Florida SouthWestern State College promotes student participation in the decision-making process of the College through a number of opportunities. These include but are not limited to representation on the Curriculum Committee, student surveys, screening committees, AS Programs Committees, student focus groups, Student Government Association (SGA) and various Registered Student Organizations.  

Testing Services

The Florida SouthWestern State College Testing Centers provide testing services at each of the four FSW locations: Charlotte, Collier, Hendry/Glades, and Thomas Edison (Lee). The mission of each Testing Center is to provide optimal testing conditions by maintaining a comfortable, secure testing site. FSW Testing adheres to the standards and guidelines as set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).  For a complete listing of testing services provided at each Testing Center, please visit