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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Student life is considered an important facet of the Edison State College experience. In keeping with this philosophy, student activities staff work to provide a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities that interest the general student population. All programs are funded by student-generated fees.

Student Activities

The Office of Student Life sponsors various activities and events at Edison State College. These activities contribute to the academic, social and cultural development of our students, providing a more enjoyable and multifaceted campus experience. To find more information on student activities and programs, see Edison State’s online calendar, the Portal calendar page, or contact the Student Life Office on your campus to pick up a monthly Student Life calendar.

Student Participation in Decision Making

Edison State College promotes student participation in the decision-making process of the College through a number of mechanisms. These include but are not limited to representation on the Curriculum Committee, student surveys, search committees, AS Program Committees, student focus groups, Student Government Association (SGA) and various clubs and organizations.

Student Organizations

Club activities at Edison State College provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in the college community outside the classroom. For more information, contact the Student Life Office on the respective campus.

How to Organize a Club at Edison State

Students are encouraged to join clubs and to organize associations at Edison State for educational, political, social, religious or cultural purposes, as long as they are in keeping with the philosophy and objectives of the College. The College procedure for organizing a campus club is as follows:

  1. Secure a petition for organization from the Student Life Specialist.
  2. Submit, to the Student Life Specialist, the completed petition, which should include a list of prospective members, a constitution and by-laws, a sponsor and any other information that may be relevant according to the College Catalog.
  3. Following approval by the SGA and Student Life, the Student Life Specialist will inform the new club of its status and offer support as the club develops.

Student Government Association and Student Representation

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student’s voice at Edison State College. There is a Student Government Association on each of the three campuses. The SGA serves:

  1. To provide a means whereby members of the student body may express themselves.
  2. To provide leadership in coordination of activities of the student body for the benefit of the entire College.
  3. To act as a service organization for Edison State College.

The SGA is made up of club-appointed Representatives and elected Senators, who coordinate events, service projects and follow through on student issues. Representatives confer with their advisor on matters of student interest and concern and promote the general welfare of the student body. All qualified students, including upper-level students, are invited to participate in SGA by attending meetings and running for office. Students are free, individually and collectively, to express their views on issues of College policy and on matters of general interest to the student body. The Student Government Association provides a means for participation in the formulation and application of College policy affecting academic and student affairs with the assistance of the SGA Advisor and the Director of Student Life. Proposals for changes in policy, regulations and procedures that affect the student body as a whole are to be directed through the SGA and its advisor or the Director of Student Life.

The right of assembly for students is recognized, providing that student gatherings do not disrupt or interfere with the orderly educational operation of the institution. Such assembly must be in compliance with Florida statutes and College policies and procedures.

Student Identification

Student ID cards are available to all students. Students should carry their ID card with them at all times. The photo ID card is required in the Library and in the various academic computer laboratories. Photo identification cards are also required for student verification at the admissions and registration counters, at the Assessment and Testing Center prior to testing, and when selling textbooks back to the bookstore. In addition, the student ID card may qualify students to discounts in area theaters and businesses.