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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Safety Administration, BAS

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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Administration (BAS PSA) is designed to prepare individuals as leaders and administrators in public safety related professions. Students enrolling in the program bring a variety of safety and security backgrounds to enrich the educational experience, including legal studies and law enforcement, corrections, fire science, and emergency medical services. The program provides a career and educational pathway for students who have earned an Associate in Science degree in a Public Safety discipline or an Associate in Arts with electives chosen from the Public Safety field.

Program Highlights:

The BAS PSA program includes courses in public administration, strategic planning, finance and budgeting, human resource management, and homeland security. Courses are offered in an online or blend of online and traditional formats, in an accelerated eight-week fashion, to accommodate students’ various schedules and learning preferences.

Career Opportunities:

The BAS PSA program prepares graduates for career promotions and advancement in the public safety industry to include law enforcement, fire services, corrections, emergency medical services, emergency administration management, and industrial security enterprises in both government and private sector agencies.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Applicants must apply for admission and be accepted to Edison State College. Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in relevant transfer courses that apply toward the BAS degree.
  3. Applicants must have earned:

    1. An Edison State College Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology, Emergency Medical Services Technology, Fire Science Technology, Paralegal Studies, or Crime Scene Technology awarded within the past 10 years, which includes 60 hours of transfer credit. Additional General Education requirements must be completed prior to graduation.

    2. An Associate in Arts degree, or 60 hours of transfer credit, which includes the completion of the Florida State General Education requirements. Such applicants must have 12 credit hours earned in the past 10 years in one of the following content areas:

      1. Criminal Justice
      2. Crime Scene Technology
      3. Paralegal Studies
      4. Fire Science
      5. Emergency Medical Services
      6. Combinations of the above content areas upon recommendation by the BAS Admissions Committee or approval by the appropriate academic Dean.

    3. An Associate in Arts or higher degree, or 60 hours of transfer credit, which includes the completion of the Florida State General Education requirements. Such applicants must have one of the following:

      1. Florida Fire Officer I certification
      2. Florida Paramedic licensure
      3. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission certification in law enforcement or corrections
      4. Demonstrated competencies in the field of Public Safety upon recommendation by the BAS Admissions Committee or approval by the Dean of Baccalaureate Programs.
  4. Transfer students with an AS degree in Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Science, Paralegal Studies or Crime Scene Technology from a regionally accredited college or university awarded within the past 10 years may be admitted following a review of transcripts, faculty credentials, and course descriptions. Any outstanding General Education coursework must be completed prior to being eligible for graduation. The College reserves the right to review all applicant transcripts and to require supplemental coursework to correct deficiencies, should they exist.
  5. Applicants not meeting stated admissions criteria may petition for program admittance if they feel that there are mitigating circumstances. Applicants must submit an official petition form available in the Office of the Registrar.
  6. While the BAS program is designed to articulate associate degrees, Edison State College freshman and sophomore students may declare their intent to enroll in the BAS program through the Edison State College Admissions Application.
  7. Prior to enrollment in any upper division courses, applicants must successfully complete ENC 1101, ENC 1102, and three credit hours of college level mathematics.

Priority Application Deadlines: 

Fall term - August 1;   Spring term - December 1;   Summer term - April 1

The Edison State College Registrar’s Office will ensure that previous coursework meets all relevant academic standards before acceptance for transfer. The Dean of Baccalaureate Programs and the BAS Admissions Committee will ensure adherence to the above admissions criteria.

Students who have not fulfilled the State of Florida general education requirements must complete them. The general education requirements are waived for students who have an AA or Bachelor's degree from a public Florida state university system (SUS) institution or  community/state college. General education requirements will not be waived for graduates from other states, regardless of the regional accreditation.

General Education Core Requirements: minimum of 36 credit hours

Approved Transfer Electives*: 45

*Consult with BAS PSA Program Advising regarding approved transfer electives. A minimum of 12 credit hours of lower division (1000 and 2000 level) electives in a Public Safety discipline is required. Students must complete either two years of a single foreign language in high school or two college semesters of a single foreign language to complete graduation requirements for the BAS PSA degree.


Subtotal: 33

 **Note: Prior to enrollment in any upper division course (3000 or 4000 level), students must complete ENC 1101, ENC 1102, and three credit hours of college level mathematics with grades of "C" or higher.

Specified Upper Division Electives: 6

Choose six credit hours from any of the following upper division course prefixes (3000 or higher): ACG, DSC, FIN, ISM, MAN, or PAD.

Total Credit Hours: 120

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Students must satisfactorily complete 120 credit hours. For residency purposes, a minimum of 30 credit hours required for graduation must be completed at Edison State College. All other specific degree requirements must also be met. Credit awarded for college-preparatory instruction may not be counted toward fulfilling the total number of credits required for residency purposes or graduation.
  2. For purposes of conferring the bachelor’s degree, students must complete at least 39 credit hours of courses numbered 3000 level or above. At least 30 of the 39 hours must be earned at Edison State College.
  3. Students must fulfill all requirements for their program major. Students should refer to program graduation requirements.
  4. Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all work at Edison State College. Students pursuing a degree in Education must achieve a 2.5 average or higher in all coursework. Individual programs may require a higher grade point average for graduation.
  5. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all upper division program requirements.
  6. Students must complete the General Education Core Requirements of the Associate in Arts Degree including any assessment of General Education outcomes that are required by the College. Transfer courses will be reviewed for equivalency. Students who transfer to Edison State College with a previous Associate in Arts degree from a Florida community college or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are considered to have met the General Education component of the degree.
  7. Students must have completed Florida’s foreign language requirement prior to the completion of the bachelor's degree. Students may meet this competency in one of two ways:
    1. Successful completion of two years of a single foreign language while in high school (official high school transcripts must be submitted to the College Registrar), or
    2. Successful completion of two semesters (8-10 credit hours) of a single foreign language in college (or through corresponding College Level Examination Program CLEP exams). Edison State College may determine standards for review of nontraditional foreign language competence for languages not available through CLEP (in languages other than French, German, and Spanish).
  8. Beginning July 1, 2011, College-Level Academic Skills (CLAS) will no longer be an associate's degree or bachelor's degree graduation requirement.
  9. Students must meet program criteria prior to enrollment in the capstone or internship experience.

Students must complete an Application for Graduation through the Office of the Registrar and enroll for the GRD 4000 the semester in which they intend to graduate. Students must apply for graduation by the published deadline to be assured of final clearance for graduation, timely receipt of diploma, and participation in the graduation ceremony. Individual programs may identify graduation application deadlines.

Additional Information:

For additional information, please contact the Public Safety Administration program office by calling (239) 489-9132.

Program information is available online at:

Consult the Baccalaureate Admissions and Graduation sections of the Catalog for additional program requirements.

For additional information, please contact the Baccalaureate and University program office by calling (239) 489-9295.


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