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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice Technology, AS

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The Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology is designed to prepare the student for a full range of career opportunities in the field of criminal justice. The degree provides a strong background for employment with any of Southwest Florida’s many criminal justice or public service agencies, including police departments, sheriff’s offices, prisons, areas of juvenile justice, or private industry.

The Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology transfers directly into the Edison State College Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Public Safety Administration, as well as any public Florida college or university’s Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. For additional information on Transfer Services, contact the department at (239) 489-9132.

Continuing Toward A Bachelor's Degree?

Students intending to continue toward a Bachelor's degree are encouraged to consult with their transfer school prior to choosing their Associate's Degree and/or elective coursework. Contact the Edison State College Law and Public Service Program office at (239) 489-9132, or go to www.edison.edu for current information on Bachelor's degree partnerships with Edison State College. The Associate in Science degree in Crime Scene Technology transfers directly into the Edison State College Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Public Safety Administration.

Career/Industry Opportunities:

  • Police Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Correctional Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff

Successful Personal Attributes:

  • Strong ethical standards
  • Open minded
  • Persistent
  • Decisive
  • Tolerant
  • Logical
  • Confident
  • Analytical
  • Patient
  • Able to work under stress

Related Knowledge and Skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Community knowledge
  • Stress Management
  • Human relations skills
  • Leadership skills
  • People skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Negotiation/Mediation skills

The Criminal Justice Academy Bridge Program:

The Edison State College Criminal Justice Academy Bridge Program is designed for students successfully completing Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Basic Recruit Academies for Law Enforcement Officer and/or Correctional Officers. Upon completion of program prerequisites, qualified students are eligible for 12-16 credit hours of elective credit in the AS degree in Criminal Justice Technology. In addition, selected degree core requirements can be met through an accelerated study format. Course requirements for the accelerated study format will include research projects and essays. All coursework earned through the Academy Bridge Program will demonstrate advanced, independent, and critical thinking skills expected within college level coursework.

For additional information, go to http://www.edison.edu/academics/ascriminaljustice/criminaljustice.php or contact the program office at (239) 489-9132.

General Education Core Requirements:

General Education Credit Hours: 18

Degree Core Credit Hours: 27

Specified Electives:

Choose from any course listed under the following prefixes: CJD, CJT, DEP, BUL, EMS, FFP, HUS, INP, PLA, POS, PSY, SYG, any foreign language course, or any qualifying Criminal Justice Academy articulated credit.

Specified Elective Credit Hours: 10

Open Electives Credit Hours: 9

Choose any college level courses listed in the Catalog.

Total Degree Credit Hours: 64


* Courses specified as Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, or Natural Sciences must be selected from courses listed under Associate in Arts Degree General Education Program Guide, AA  in the College Catalog, under the respective categories.

** Students successfully completing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement CJSTC Law Enforcement or Corrections examination may be eligible for enrollment in the Academy Bridge Program for the courses indicated:
Florida Law Enforcement Officer Exam - CCJ 1020, CJE 1640, CJE 2600, CJL 2100, CJL 2130 and/or Florida Correctional Officer Exam - CJC 1000, CJE 2600, CJL 2100.

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